1. A Few New Canaan Dinner Ideas

    As the premier Spanish food restaurant in New Canaan, Chef Luis Restaurant provides local residents and travelers alike with a unique take on Spanish cuisine and culture. But for many of our visitors, it can be difficult to choose the perfect meal—especially when it comes to our extensive dinner menu. So what’s a diner to do? In this blog, allow the team at Chef Luis g…Read More

  2. The Worst Spanish Food Myths

    Most Americans are familiar with certain food styles they believe to be “authentic.” Taco Bell is Mexican food, right? Panda Express is Chinese food, right? Unfortunately, American chain restaurants have created myths and misconceptions about nations and their food cultures, and Spanish food is no exception—although most people don’t have a clear idea about what Sp…Read More

  3. The Flavors & History of Spanish Cuisine

    Chef Luis is a New Canaan staple for fine dining and Spanish cuisine—it’s what landed us in the New York Times and a bevy of other publications. But what does Spanish cuisine really mean? Is it tied directly to Spanish geography and culture, or does it take on a more worldly flavor? In this blog, we’ll answer these questions are more, giving you a thorough background…Read More

  4. The Perfect Proposal

    Fine dining restaurants in New Canaan are subject to a great deal of romantic wedding proposals—and boy, can they be heartwarming affairs. But if you’re going to propose in Chef Luis Restaurant, your proposal should be as excellently prepared and thoroughly memorable as one of our main courses. This blog is your step-by-step guide to an excellent wedding proposal. Whil…Read More

  5. Date Night in New Canaan

    You’ve got a date tomorrow night in New Canaan, and you’re trying to make it as fun and romantic as possible. A movie is out of the question—too cliche and a bit impersonal. A museum isn’t a great choice, either—they can be a bit dry for a first date. Your mom offered to have this new flame over for dinner, but that’s more of a 30th or 31st date sort of thing. …Read More

  6. An Exploration of Lesser Known Spanish Foods

    Chef Luis Restaurant is New Canaan’s ultimate Spanish food and fine dining experience, offering locally-sourced ingredients and creative takes on authentic Spanish cuisine. It’s our passion to deliver the best in Spanish and Mediterranean food to you and your loved ones. But with any less prevalent cuisine in the United States, there’s a certain amount of learning th…Read More

  7. Why You Should Order Chef Luis Tonight

    Chef Luis Restaurant is a local favorite, serving up some of the best Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine New Canaan has to offer. No matter your mood or your culinary tastes, Chef Luis has a meal to satisfy you and your family for dinner. Funny you mentioned dinner, of all things. Quick question: What are you doing for dinner tonight? Do you have any plans? Are you preparin…Read More

  8. The Importance of Local Cuisine

    At Chef Luis Restaurant in New Canaan, we make it our mission to use local ingredients in every possible facet of our fine dining experience. Local sourcing is better for the community, and better for our dishes (trust us, you’ll taste the difference). Here are a few ways that local sourcing of ingredients helps to improve our local community, and makes your culinary exp…Read More

  9. The Perfect Place for Holiday Dinner

    The holidays are stressful, almost entirely because you have family and friends that travel to visit. When this happens you’re not only stuck having to cook for people but also having to clean and entertain them. When you’re looking for a fabulous place to take your loved ones, you can count on Chef Luis to provide you with a memorable time, delicious food and a break …Read More

  10. Where the Menu Knows Your Name

    New York Times - Restaurant Review WORTH IT THE SPACE A cheerful storefront with tile floor, sponged-ocher walls and outdoor seating in front in warm weather. Street level, wheelchair accessible. THE CROWD Lots of families early in the evening, couples and foursomes later, many groups in their 30s and 40s, most of them casually dressed. Staff is friendly, if sometimes harr…Read More